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About Us

Welcome to Moroccan Advisor. Our company is always committed to protecting your privacy policy once you visit our website. Please read these terms and privacy policy carefully before you start to use our website moroccanadvisor.com. Thus, by using this website or by clicking to agree or accept to the terms of use and privacy policy when it is made available to you, you automatically accept and agree to be bound and abide by them. If you don’t want to agree to our terms and conditions, you must not use or access the website. Additionally, if you are under 18 years, you must have parent’s permission before using or browsing our website. Please note that you have, as a user of our site, to regularly check these terms and conditions as they may be changed from time to time. You can browse moroccanadvisor.com without disclosing any of your personal information. That is to say, our website does not collect or display your personal data while using it unless you are consulted about and agreed to the terms under which MoroccanAdvisor.com will use it.

Disclosure of Information

As a user of our website, you must know that MoroccanAdvisor.com will not rent, send, or sell your personal information to others. We use IP addresses (Google Analytics) in order to compile aggregate statistics about our visitors a traffic patterns, and we collect only the individual data that you voluntarily give us while using our services such as your name and Email address, as well as the technical information such as the type of device using (e.g. computer, phone, or other). Note that there is no other source for collecting personal information of our visitors.

Data We Collect on You

While browsing our website, the company, as a business, will get some information during your visit. They are as the following:

Contact Us: your name and your Email Address.

Plan Your Trip: your full name, Email Address, your country, and Phone number

Transactions: You full name, email address, billing information and payment source (tools of payment).

Comments: Email address, your name and comment. Note that by posting a comment on our website, you automatically agree to the posting of any personal data that you offer. And, look, you must know that such personal information can be read, used, and collected by other visitors. Hence, we have no control over how the visitors used your personal data.

We may collect your personal information for the following purposes:

  • 1. To communicate you about our services, events, and offers;
  • 2. To promote, maintain, and operate our website;
  • 3. To prove your experience to other visitors;
  • 4. To answer to your comments;
  • 5. To provide you with support and answer your request;
  • 6. To evaluate our services in terms of what is positive and negative;
  • 7. to provide you with the transactions information, including confirmations and receipts;

Note of course we will not use your personal data for any other purposes.

Cancellation Policy and Refunds:

As a traveler you have the right to cancel, change, or reschedule a reserved tour, but please take into consideration that you must inform and notify our company "Moroccan Advisor" as soon as possible in writing; send us a typed message with name, date, and other details of your pre-reserved tour. Note please use the option "Contact Us" or via Email [email protected] if you want to do so. More to the point, if you have paid for a reserved tour in full and you want to cancel it, you will be refunded up to 100 % of your total payment amount. However, you must be careful that we only accept the cancellation of 50 days or more before the date of departure; otherwise, you will be refunded less than 100% of your final payment amount (cancelation fees), simply because at 50 days or less we, as a business, are liable by contract to pay our drivers, tour guides, Riads, hotels, vendors, and other suppliers.

Accuracy of Content

Apart from our client’s comments, feedbacks, and rates, all written content on our website is owned by MoroccanAdvisor. Additionally, our content is correct and accurate to the best of knowledge. Moreover, the whole content of our website is subject to copyright, so you have no right to copy, reuse, or reproduce any information, image, or video without our permission.

Links to Third Parties

Look that MoroccanAdvisor may contain links of other websites and those sites may not have the same Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions as MoroccanAdvisor. Thus, if you visit these websites by clicking on a link from our site, please take into account to read carefully their Privacy Policies before using their services. That is to say, we are not responsible for their privacy practices.


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